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The heart and soul of any business...

I have been on a journey of self-discovery for over 8 years and halfway through that time I realized that the Earth was calling me; The Creator was asking me to immerse myself and to learn. I started on a slow path of learning about Herbalism (and I am a studying herbalist) Indigenous Medicine and anything else to learn more about the beautiful native plants around us and their jobs, to learn about reuniting myself with Mother Earth and my connections as a woman; to be a warrior of self worth and discovery for all women. I especially love sitting down and creating custom salves, skincare and teas for you.
​I own a small homestead in Seddons Corner, MB- so you're sure to hear about my chickens and bees and whatever else we decide to do.

I want to teach & learn! I have a goal to bring us all back to the Earth; to nature and to nurture ourselves ​and our souls. Come dig in the dirt with me, discover new adventures and new plants with their uses.  Learn to forage, garden, wildcraft, how to do ceremony, to reconnect, to pause...Who knows, maybe along the way you'll rediscover yourself! 

Erica Lindell; Owner of Mossy Birch Homestead

Metis Woman

Crystal healer,

Spiritual life coach,  

Huntress & Mother
Herbalist diploma, COE
Herbal Medicine Making, Udemy
Crystal Healing, Udemy
​Spiritual Life Coach, COE
Currently enrolled in
Dominion College, Clinical Herbalism
COE, Crystal Healing

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