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New container and packaging; options are 2 or 4oz


This salve is created after 8 weeks of plantain leaves soaking in olive and coconut oil. Tea tree oil is included for added benefit, as is vitamin E oil. Locally sourced beeswax helps firm the salve up.


What to use it for: bee and other insect stings, spider bites, eczema and psoriasis, sunburn chapped lips, diaper rash, burns, cuts, rashes, poison ivy or oak, acne and more!


Antibacterial: it inhibits the growth of bacteria

Astringent: it reduces secretions and discharges

Antiseptic: it inhibits infections

Demulcent: it soothes by forming a film over mucus membranes and draws out toxins

Hemostatic: it stops bleeding

Vulnerary: it heals wounds


I am no longer offering a 1.5 or 3.5 oz container. If you would like custom amounts made, please reach out


***This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness. It is not intended to represent or replace professional medical advice. Please be aware of any herbal allergies you may have prior to consumption. These products have been approved by Health Canada with a CNF number***

Plantain Salve

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  • Due to the nature of the product, refunds or returns are not accepted however exchanges can be done within 15 business days.

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